A collection of art done for personal pleasure.
Quick looping animation put together in Photoshop and Premier 
Gunslinger 2018
Cold Bear , 2019
Acrylic on Bristol board
8.5" x 11 "
Bummer Bro, 2018
2-color Risograph print
8.5" x 11 "
Pizza Pals, 2018
2-color Risograph print
8.5" x 11 "
Sandwich Love, 2018
2-color Risograph print
11" x 17 "
Squirrels in Space, 2018
2-color Risograph print
11" x 17 "
Walden the Weasel is a 12 page risograph zine about a weasel who loves to be nude. Hand cut cover window and saddle-stitch binding.
Ghost hands was drawn in Photoshop and then printed out in layers. I cut out and glued the layers back together at different heights to create a natural drop shadow.
Uncle Lenny was drawn completely in illustrator with the intention of printing as large as possible on vinyl banner.  
I initially drew this for a 3 color Risograph print, but before I went to print I was asked to paint it as mural.  Although I never ended up making it as a print, I did make a run of 25 T-shirts featuring the artwork.
Fishin' Around, 2016
India Ink and water color.
12" x 9"
Sleepy Dave, 2017
Acrylic on wood.
24" x 18"
Skater , 2017
Acrylic on table top.
30" x 47"
Sinking Ship, 2015
Acrylic and Ink On Cardboard.
22" x 29"
Gas Mask, 2017
Charcoal and Ink on Toned Paper.
10" x 8"
All skateboard are Acrylic on wood, painted between 2015-16
  Uphill'  2013
Charcoal, India Ink, Acrylic  
11" x 14"
                       Old Jimmy, 2013
                Charcoal, India Ink, Acrylic
                  11"x 14"
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